How it works

Would you like to help moms find the resources they need while earning great commissions?

We would be honored to have you join our Affiliate team and help more mothers learn about the great products Sew Spoiled Gifts has to offer.  Helping mothers find their “freedom” has become a passion of mine since starting my company.  Do you want the freedom to stay home?  Maybe financial freedom is what you are looking for? Freedom can have a different meaning to everyone.  What does freedom look like to you?

How it Works:

(1) As an Affiliate, you share our amazing products using special links and images that will track those who come to us through your marketing efforts. You can share on your website, blog, social media platforms, email list, or even home parties.

  • Sew Spoiled Gifts shares a 10% commission on all sales by people you initially sent our way (that 10% can add up really quickly).
  • Sales are tracked for a full 30 days.  So if someone makes a purchase anytime during the 30 day period following their initial click-over to our site from yours, you’ll receive a commission on that purchase.
  • There is no minimum payout and you will receive a direct deposit into PayPal on the 15th of every month.
  • FREE to sign up!
  • FREE training!
  • No set hours. Can you say freedom?!?!

(2) You simply fill out the form below to apply then you’ll receive access to our Affiliate/Referral Partner Center where you’ll find all the information, links and images you need to spread the word about our programs in a way we can track and credit you for. Plus we’ll send you regular emails with tips and ideas to help you with your marketing efforts.

Ready to get started? Sign up in our Affiliate Area, and we’ll send you a welcome email with further information and specific instructions.

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If you have questions about our Affiliate program or if you run into any challenges, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

NOTE: All who sign up to be Affiliates will be reviewed by Sew Spoiled Gifts to ensure fit with the community.  Sew Spoiled Gifts reserves the right to decline or discontinue any Affiliate at its sole discretion.